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Boost Trainers’ Performance Through Added Preparation and Better Processes.

JDA’s train-the-trainer programs are designed to accommodate the needs of trainers in both service and manufacturing environments, at different organizational levels and with varying responsibilities. Participants learn presentation, listening and process skills and their applicability to the four components of training: instruction, activities, skill practice and demonstrations.

The objective is to have trainers feel more comfortable and self-confident in front of their audience, improve their body language and visual and vocal behaviors, learn a variety of methods to present material interactively, and develop stronger task maintenance and group process skills.

Every participant is videotaped during each skill practice and receives feedback from both the instructor and the group. Group size is limited to no more than six participants so that all benefit from individual attention. If needed, a module on basic instructional design is available as a component of this program.

Short on time, but still need help?

If time is of the essence and there’s a group of trainers you need to get up to speed quickly, we offer a Trainer “Boot Camp” option.

Trainer Boot Camp is a condensed version of the Train-the-Trainer program. The same careful attention to in-depth skill development and performance feedback is presented in a shorter format that makes use of both pre-work and preparation between sessions to ensure learning.

Training Workshop

Trainer Mastery

Continuous upgrading of employee skills is key to an organization’s success. Most companies hire for talent and train for skills, resulting in a need for trainers who are effective at developing employees’ skill sets. In addition, any organizational process or culture change usually results in a need for training to bring employees up to speed. In this way, training is essential to meaningful and lasting change management. Company trainers usually have the critical job of ensuring learning takes place and skills are applied back on the job. Often, line managers and others whose primary responsibility is not training must conduct on-the-job and other kinds of “just-in-time” training as well. This 3-day program gives the “trainer” the skills they need to train well.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Feel comfortable and self-confident as a trainer.
  • Become aware of your training strengths and developmental areas.
  • Use the adult learning process to ensure participants are engaged and master skills.
  • Introduce a variety of methods to interactively present material.
  • Master five formats to create and deliver training that “sticks.”
  • Improve your body language (visual and vocal behaviors) as a trainer.
  • Learn a variety of methods to present material interactively.
  • Use a variety of task maintenance and group process skills.
  • Intervene when participants are having difficulty.
  • Assess whether participants can and will apply the skills in the workplace.

Maximum class size: 6 participants per trainer