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Presenting to Audiences Effectively-and More Confidently

Our presentation skills programs help individuals become more confident and capable in front of an audience. Whether it’s conducting a meeting with colleagues or senior management, presenting a sales pitch to clients or delivering a keynote address, we all experience a certain level of nervousness and self-consciousness. Our programs address these very real challenges and inspire participants to regard public speaking as an opportunity to differentiate themselves in front of others.

In our workshops, participants practice repeatedly in front of an audience, watch themselves on video, and receive supportive and constructive feedback as well as coaching from our consultants.

In addition to reviewing powerful verbal and non-verbal body language fundamentals, we explore strategies for organizing presentations, incorporating visual aids, responding to questions and managing difficult audiences. We will also help a team refine an important client pitch or re-create challenging client scenarios to improve their sales skills.

Skills/competencies addressed by JDA’s Presentation Skills Programs:

  • Managing anxiety and nervousness through self-talk
  • Enhancing the visual body language factors: stance, posture, movement, gestures, facial expression, eye-contact
  • Enhancing the vocal factors: volume, rate, inflection, pauses, fillers
  • Creating presentations from scratch
  • Organizing content for maximum impact
  • Utilizing the appropriate format: Informative, Persuasive, Impromptu
  • Utilizing visual aids
  • Responding effectively to questions
  • Handling difficult audiences and their questions
  • Disarming the challenging individual
  • Making presentations interactive and conversational

JDA Presentation Skills Workshops


  • Presenting with Impact (Public Speaking)
  • Powerful Executive Presence
  • Designing and Delivering Persuasive Presentations in Meetings (download more info)
  • Presentation and Facilitation Skills for Trainers