Case Studies

Case Studies

Improving performance, communication and corporate culture are a few of the outcomes of JDA’s expertise and unique approach. We invite you to read about the significant, sustainable changes we’ve produced for our clients—just click “Expand” to read each brief case study.

Improving Performance For 1,000+ Advisors at Top Financial Services Firm

A leading global financial services firm with more than 600 offices worldwide needed to dramatically improve the performance-and decrease the attrition rates-of its Financial Advisors, who are charged with increasing the firm’s assets under management of high net-worth clients. A staggering 70% of Financial Advisors were not meeting their goals.

In order to reduce the tremendous drain on the organization in terms of costs, lost opportunities to build the business and time, the firm needed to optimize their training systems. Moreover, to truly deliver on their promise of being trusted advisors to their clients, the firm needed to implement an entirely new model for developing their talent and their ability to create strong client relationships.

Key Challenge

Within the highly competitive financial services environment, the company had long been promoting a transaction-oriented approach to selling rather than using a high-service, client-focused, consultative process that fostered long-term client relationships. Under the current structure, the firm’s Financial Advisors-who were in their first twelve months of employment-were not given sufficient levels of training. Nor were there adequate systems to provide the skills and support needed within their branches to increase assets under management and thereby increase the likelihood of their success in meeting the company’s benchmarks.

JDA Approach

JDA provided a suite of training, consulting and coaching services sharply focused on introducing a comprehensive system for skill development, as well as solidifying a structure for the firm to better ensure the retention and successful performance of strong talent.

The power of JDA… reflective listening, meaningful questions, and understanding styles helped bring in $7.7 million in new assets for the month.

JDA’s unique “Performance-Sustaining” process created long-term change in the organization by:

  • Removing the blocks to better communication-and better skill development: To improve the success of new Financial Advisors, they first needed to be equipped with better skills and taught viable methods to build long-term client relationships. JDA provided Consultative Sales training for over 1000 Financial Advisors. They also implemented a branch coaching process that consisted of training managers and FA mentors at the branch and regional level on the skills of coaching and meeting facilitation.
  • Identifying key influencers to ensure ongoing talent development: In order to build systems of ongoing support after the initial training, JDA identified professionals within the organization who would be most influential in the continued growth and development of the Financial Advisors. We consulted with the Regional Training Managers on their in-branch coaching process and helped them optimize their bi-weekly conference calls so every touch point of their communications with Financial Advisors was productive. Further, we coached Senior-Level Financial Advisors to act as mentors and take newer Financial Advisors “under their wing” in developing new skills for their particular branches.
  • Implementing practical strategies and tools: To ensure permanent improvements, we worked with managers on developing a more structured sales meeting process for their initial and follow-on client meetings. And, finally, we identified peer-to-peer coaching opportunities that enabled Financial Advisors to share best practices and lessons learned with one another-which further reinforced the new strategies and tools within the target groups.

Improving Performance Levels Across 10 Plants, 4000+ Employees

A national manufacturer of private-label food products with ten U.S. plants employing 4,000+ people needed to improve performance and develop a consistent process for creating accountability.

The objective was to open the lines of communication among senior managers, associates and plant employees, creating a process that would have a direct positive impact on employee morale, corporate culture and professional development.

Key Challenge

In running their plants efficiently and safely, and ensuring high quality products, the company’s key challenge was low morale. This issue was the result of years of practicing an “autocratic” management approach, with deep silos and poor communication between departments-challenges that were directly affecting performance and thus, the company’s profitability.

JDA Approach

JDA created a customized suite of training, consulting and coaching services in a large-scale, hands-on program involving over 70 managers and 250 supervisors across the various plants. Most important to meeting objectives was increasing the level and efficacy of communications between the tiers of management, the various departments and plant employees.

Teaming up with JDA has proven to be a grand slam in our organization. Our results have dramatically improved, our people have grown and we’re leading the way.

In leveraging JDA’s unique “Performance-Sustaining” process we created long-term change through:

  • Removing blocks to better communication: In order to break down long-existing silos, we worked with the company on instilling practices that focused on better listening, building trust and respect-with a special emphasis on using new methods that foster two-way communication and timely feedback.
  • Identifying key influencers: We coached and trained a wide range of professionals across the organization who were best suited to “champion” the efforts for the long term, including line managers, plant managers, HR managers and plant supervisors. Pinpointing these key individuals served to bolster their teams and optimize processes.
  • Implementing practical strategies and tools: Along with the training programs and coaching support, we employed a comprehensive reinforcement program-held over fifteen meetings-to support skill development and ongoing change in management styles and interpersonal skills. The program also included a reinforcement playbook, a process for recognition of strong performance and ongoing 360-degree feedback. Instituting these processes provided managers with practical, actionable tools and skills leading to long-term change in performance and communication.

Team Building For Top Executives Of National 3,000-Store Food Retailer

At a national food retailer with over 3000 stores, a group of senior executives-in charge of directing and controlling business strategy and sales-were working in functional silos, instead of operating as a high-performing team.

In this case the team-building objective was two-fold. First, clarity needed to be created around goals, roles, mission and accountability. And, second, processes that would elevate the team to new levels of performance and competitive advantage needed to be implemented.

Key Challenge

The existing corporate climate was defined by poor communication among the group-who had no real history or experience working as a team-with meetings marked by low levels of attendance, interaction and productivity.

JDA Approach

Through a suite of high-interaction, hands-on coaching, consulting and training services, JDA performed a 12-month program centered on teambuilding and alignment. The program entailed multiple on-site meetings, as well as two-day off-site workshops every two months.

The JDA teambuilding process has far exceeded our expectations. We are well on our way to driving the overall business, rather than just our individual silos.

In leveraging JDA’s unique “Performance-Sustaining” process, we enabled long-term change in team dynamics and professional development through:

  • Removing the blocks to better communication among team members: To build an effective team and promote a set of team dynamics, a foundation of skills first needed to be honed in the areas of problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, the giving and receiving of feedback and building trust.
  • Identifying key influencers—and their ability to bolster the organization: As we were working directly with the company’s senior management, we turned the group’s focus to enhancing their ability to be more influential with other key stakeholders in moving the organization to greater levels of performance and profitability.
  • Implementing practical strategies and tools: Creating lasting change is creating viable new patterns and protocols that receive buy-in from each member of the team. Over the course of the engagement we worked with executives to employ protocols for expressing needs and concerns, strengthening overall communication, clarifying roles and responsibilities, managing conflicts, adapting to change, improving efficiency in decision making and reducing barriers between silos.