Jeff Dorman, President

Jeff Dorman, President & Founder

Jeff Dorman, President and Founder of JDAJeff Dorman is President of JDA International (Jeff Dorman & Associates) and is a Certified Gazelles International Coach. Jeff has been a Business Advisor, Coach and Consultant for over 25 years working with CEO’s, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to “jump start” growth in both their businesses and in their personal lives.

Combining his business knowledge of strategy, execution, team focus and professional development, he understands the concerns and expecations for the entrepreneur or CEO who is looking to engage with a Gazelles Coach to implement Scaling Up and the Rockefeller Habits. Jeff is an authority on building high-performing leadership teams, guiding executives on how to build teams that colloaborate and execute. He understands how to create award-winning results and cultures.

Jeff coaches companies ranging from $20-$500 million in revenue who are looking to expand further and faster than they could on their own — or have hit a wall around their rate of growth and are frustrated. He guides company executives in finding and keeping A-players, getting the right people in the right seats, developing and putting an actionable strategic plan in place and having the discipline to execute and hit milestones. By applying the Scaling Up Four Decisions methodology (People, Strategy, Execution and Cash), Jeff assists businesses and their executive teams to understand their options, and to ultimately achieve the maximum value from their business.

JDA’s best-in-class clients have included Morgan Stanley, Kroger, UBS, Met Life, Kraft Foods, Merrill Lynch, and GE. Current client industries include Marketing and Advertising, Manufacturing, Retail, Staffing and Recruiting, Healthcare, Energy, E-commerce, Financial Services and Consumer Products.

Prior to starting JDA in 1990, Jeff spent 15 years as an Owner and Executive in his family’s business, Dorman Cheese.