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Sales and Relationship Management

A Better Approach to Building Revenue and Relationships

Whether it’s persuading internal colleagues or influencing external customers or clients, the key to successful sales is the ability to get clients or customers to buy into your vision, idea, product or service.

Our consultative approach is built upon the fundamental skill set of understanding the client’s needs, goals and objectives through masterful inquiry and listening. A sales person utilizing the consultative approach has the competitive advantage that builds customer loyalty and can lead to significant growth in revenue and market share.

Skills/competencies addressed by JDA’s Sales Programs:

  • Utilizing the Consultative Sales Process
  • Use of communication skills-asking questions and active listening, clarifying, summarizing, checking-in, interactive speaking
  • Establishing your agenda
  • Building rapport, trust and credibility
  • Becoming a trusted advisor
  • Recognizing the client’s communication and behavioral styles
  • Articulating a strong value proposition
  • Exploring and discovering the customer or client’s issues and needs
  • Presenting solutions
  • Offering features and benefits
  • Making presentations interactive and conversational
  • Handling customer concerns, questions, issues, objections
  • Closing
  • Gaining agreements on next steps
  • Providing follow-up

JDA Sales and Relationship Management Workshops

  • Skilled Relationship Management (download more info)
  • Consultative Selling Skills
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Leading Effective Sales Meetings