About Us

About JDA

From the Fortune 100 to mid-market businesses to privately held companies, JDA International helps organizations by focusing on 3 core competencies:

  1. Business Strategy Development and Coaching
  2. Developing High Performing Leadership Teams
  3. Delivering Skill-Based Training and Development Programs

First, we provide Business Strategy Development and Coaching for mid-market companies ready to scale by developing crystal clear strategies for growth and sustainable cultures of accountability and execution throughout the organization. This is accomplished by a unique mix of coaching, management consulting and operational support. The Scaling Up Approach (People, Strategy, Execution & Cash) and ‘Rockefeller Habits’ are used as the proven foundational tools to help entrepreneurs and their teams scale and grow.

Second, we focus on work groups, departments and leaders and enable them to truly become high performing teams. Authentic teamwork takes a set of learned skills and disciplines around commitment, trust, a shared sense of purpose, accountability, and a dedication to results on the part of all team members – all of which can only be developed with effort over time. We do this with leadership teams at various levels throughout your organization.

Finally, our interactive and skill-based training and development workshops address the real issues leaders, managers and employees face in terms of job performance, productivity, and the interactions of communication and collaboration. All programs are based on actual business experiences and combine lecture, demonstrations, interactive activities, roleplay practices and discussions to ensure that new behaviors are learned and practiced.

Since 1989, JDA has fostered the most essential element of sustainable business growth.  We excel at facilitating measurable, maintainable transformation that encompasses productivity, communication, culture and morale. This revolution for growth is realized via concrete, proven tactics that are fully aligned with the company mission.