JDA Strategic Planning Process

JDA utilizes a proven framework by focusing on the Scaling Up Process (People, Strategy, Execution and Cash), developed by Verne Harnish. We help companies confidently scale their business growth by creating full company engagement and a roadmap to success.

Building High Performing Teams

Great teams don’t just happen, and individuals who come together to accomplish a common purpose don’t automatically do so effectively.  Authentic teamwork takes a set of learned skills, commitment, trust, a shared sense of purpose, accountability, and a dedication to results on the part of all team members – all of which can only be developed with effort over time. We take work groups and leaders and enable them to truly become high performing teams.

Training and Development

Our interactive and skill-based training workshops address the real issues employees, managers and leaders face in terms of job performance, productivity, and the interactions of communication and collaboration. All programs are based on actual business experiences and combine lecture, demonstrations, interactive activities, role-play practices and discussions to ensure that new behaviors are learned and practiced.

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