What Can You Expect with JDA’s Strategic Planning Process?

What Can You Expect with JDA’s Strategic Planning Process?

Team Innerviews
One-on-one conversations with the team to uncover “Issues and Themes”

Core Values
Redefine or establish memorable values for your foundation

Core Purpose
Why we do what we do?

SWOT Analysis
Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

Core Actions
What must we do to ensure purpose, values and BHAG live?

Core Competencies
What is your firm uniquely good at doing?

Core Customer
Who are the ideal customers we want to attract?

The Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Where is your North?

3-5 Year Targets
Where will we be and what will we measure?

3-5 Year Initiatives
What actions will be taken to hit the Targets?

What is our geography? Product/Business lines? Distribution channel?

Brand Promise
How are you uniquely positioned in your market in a measurable way?

One metric that is the level 2 on improving the business

1 Year Targets
Where do we want to be in one year?

1 Year Initiatives

What actions will be taken to hit the Targets?

Critical Number

What is the number one thing everyone should be working on?

Leading and Lagging? How will we measure along the way?

Relationship Drivers
What should we be focusing on to accelerate growth?

Productivity Drivers
What processes should we focus on to increase profit?

Quarterly Initiatives
What actions will be taken to hit the quarterly targets?

Quarterly Themes
Scoreboard, celebration and reward – that motivates everyone

Management Accountability Plans for individual team members

Additional Core Exercises

5-Dysfunctions of a Team Program
We will focus on building the leadership team at every session.

Rockefeller Habits Checklist
Prioritize one for each quarter.

Team members and client feedback loop (Net Promoter Score).

Functional accountability chart – review and define roles, structure, accountability.

Process accountability chart – review and define process accountability – company wide.

People Dysfunctions
Any people challenges that we need address – conflict resolution.

ABC Talent Assessment
Score carding, A, B, C scoring with a process for improvement.

Assigned Financial Accountability
P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow – team members assigned accountability.


CASH Conversion Cycle
Reducing cycle time to find more cash already in the business.

Cash Flow Story
Do you know what it’s telling you?

Power of One
Change one of the 7 financial levers by only 1%.

Hiring, Top-Grading, Reviews
How are we and can we improve the process of finding, hiring, keeping people.

Meeting Rhythms
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual meaningful meetings.

Labor Efficiency Ratio (LER)
One number that is easy to calculate and monitor.

Start, Stop, Continue
What should we be doing – Start doing – Stop doing – Keep doing?