Meeting Facilitation

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Meeting Facilitation

A great meeting is one people want to be at.

While many people lead meetings on a regular basis, very few are as good at it as they’d like to be. The recent bestseller title Death by Meeting, by Patrick Lencioni, sums up in one simple phrase how a lot of people feel about meetings.

Meetings, including virtual meetings, don’t have to be boring, purposeless or irrelevant. JDA’s meeting skills trainings include meeting planning processes (in line with our belief that 90% of a good meeting takes place before it happens), a methodology/format and basic meeting facilitation skills which result in a more skilled, confident meeting leader—and better meetings.

Skills/competencies addressed by JDA’s Meetings Programs:

  • Effective meeting planning and management, whether face-to-face or virtual
  • Determining meeting purpose and objectives
  • Keeping participants engaged
  • Skillful use of meeting technology
  • Making meetings interactive
  • Handling questions, interruptions and difficult situations
  • Commitment clarification, action registers and cascading communication

JDA Meeting Facilitation Workshops

  • Meeting Facilitation Skills (for Team Members) (download more info)
  • Leading Effective Meetings (for Team Leaders)