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Meet the Team

JDA is a team of Senior Consultants with unmatched, practical experience in interpersonal communication skills, sales training, management and leadership development and Executive Coaching. Our consultants have worked across many industries, within a myriad of functional areas, and among diverse cultures.
Our consultants are a key differentiation of JDA. They are dedicated to our clients and partner with them to design, develop and deliver solutions that impact performance and drive bottom line results. Because of their strong line and industry backgrounds, they are more than just excellent educators for all of our programs. They also coach individuals and teams to operate at peak performance and they provide ongoing coaching for continued success.

Steven DolanSteven Dolan, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
Steven Dolan is a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with JDA. He has served Fortune 500 companies for the last 26 years as a communications trainer. He instructs corporate employees—particularly managers—on how to execute the interpersonal part of their jobs as a dialogue, not a monologue. Whether helping clients to polish their non-verbal behaviors or fine-tune their speaking skills, his goal is to enhance his clients’ effectiveness without compromising their original style or authenticity.
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Steven specializes in management skills, coaching, customer service, public presenting, and emotional intelligence on the job. Working with clients one at a time or conducting training events in group settings, he is committed to collaborative learning with an eye on balancing employees’ personal needs with corporations’ business goals. This work has taken him throughout the United States, as well as to Canada, Mexico, Great Britain and Bermuda.

Steven’s eclectic background has enriched his career in adult training. His liberal education includes two years at Fordham University, two years in Korea as a Peace Corps volunteer in public health, a BA in philosophy from the University of Missouri, all followed by a career in the performing arts prior to committing to corporate training. He has written music performed at the White House and launched his own record and publishing firms.[/expand]

Jeff Levy-LyonsJeff Levy-Lyons, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
Jeff Levy-Lyons is a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with JDA. In over 18 years in the training and coaching industry, Jeff has brought his passion for learning to a wide variety of roles: leading workshops as a senior trainer/facilitator, conducting private coaching sessions with teams and executives, and creating course designs. The focus of Jeff’s work is around communication skills and how intentional, skilled communication is a critical ingredient to healthy relationships and productive working environments.
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Jeff’s previous life was in the performing arts, including off-Broadway theatre, recordings, and television commercials. He brings this sense of performance, humor, and self-discovery to every engagement.

Whether in a classroom, a private coaching, or in front of a large crowd, Jeff shows up ready to create a relaxed, respectful, and fun environment that nurtures learning.

Jeff and his wife Ana, along with their dog Yofi, live in New York City and are awaiting the birth of their twins![/expand]

Karen MartzKaren M. Martz, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
Karen Martz is a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with JDA. She specializes in interpersonal communication skills, leadership development and sales training. She conducts programs on organizational savvy and influencing skills, with a particular emphasis on personal impact.

Prior to joining JDA, Karen has occupied a variety of sales, management, customer service and operations positions since 1977, and brings practical experience into her skills training.
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Karen also designs and conducts Shopping Survey programs for financial institutions to provide feedback on the quality of service, product knowledge, and sales ability demonstrated by contact personnel.

Karen earned her Bachelors Degree and graduated Cum Laude from the State University College at Buffalo.

Juan Pablo MobiliJuan Pablo Mobili, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
Juan Pablo Mobili is a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with JDA. He specializes in Team Building, Management & Leadership Development and Strategic Planning & Organizational Development. Juan’s extensive experience coaching executives and managers, in this country and abroad, has been recognized by our clients for issues ranging from career derailment to the development of future senior leaders.
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As he is fluent in both English and Spanish, Juan is actively involved in consulting internationally in articulating and executing strategic planning throughout Europe and Latin America.

Juan was educated in Argentina and the U.S. with emphasis on the philosophy of language and social anthropology.[/expand]

Julie NasterJulie Naster, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
Julie Naster brings 24 years of industry and consulting experience in executive development, coaching, facilitation, and engineering across various industries and government agencies. She is distinguished by her coaching work with executives, mission-critical teams and other coaches and facilitators, which has led to substantial measurable business results.
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Julie has helped leaders in the Fortune 500 successfully implement change in their organizations through more effective human collaboration. She has worked with companies/organizations that include: Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, Coca-Cola, Ball Aerospace & Technologies, Denver International Airport, Culinary School of the Rockies, Tektronix, the City of Boulder, Department of Energy, Dolce International, Cisco, Maersk, Sony, Total Petroleum, Celestial Seasonings, and Coors Ceramics.

Julie also has 9 years experience as an executive for a small management consulting firm where she led sales and marketing efforts, program development and management, and consultant/ facilitator training. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and B.A. in American Studies, both from the University of Colorado and is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.[/expand]

Harry B. SloofmanHarry B. Sloofman, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
Harry B. Sloofman is a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with JDA. He specializes in developing and organizing people, processes, and systems that build business capacity and effect organizational change. He has worked with organizations for more than 25 years improving profitability, quality, cycle time, and customer response. His work includes organization design, diagnosis, training design and delivery, Executive Coaching, and group facilitation.
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He has served as the Vice President and Director of Training and Organization Development for NatWest Bank’s community banking group in New York City. He worked with Landmark Education and Lefkoe and Associates before establishing his own consulting practice. Harry played a key role in developing GE Capital’s leadership development curriculum, with the goal of honoring the local culture while incorporating GE’s leadership framework. He developed the global leadership development curriculum for RAG Saarburg and implemented their New Leaders Program in Madrid and Saarbruken. He is a core faculty member for BP’s Effective Performance Conversation program.

Harry earned his B.S. in Education from the University of Missouri and his M.S. in Organization Development from Pepperdine. He is a member of the Organization Development Network and the American Society for Training and Development. He is an adjunct faculty member in Pepperdine’s M.S. program in Organizational Development.[/expand]

Leslie SturzenbergerLeslie Sturzenberger, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
Leslie Sturzenberger is a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with JDA. She has designed and delivered a wide-range of programs in leadership development, sales, team facilitation, coaching, communication skills and professional presence, both in the U.S. and in Europe. She is particularly well-known for coaching and developing facilitators and emerging leaders.
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Prior to joining JDA, Leslie was employed by the Mobil Oil Corporation. While at Mobil, she served as a human resource specialist covering worldwide manpower planning, entry-level and experienced-level hiring, college recruiting, new employee orientation and the management of domestic and international compensation plans. Her work also included integrating diverse work force populations during times of downsizing and hostile acquisitions.

Leslie earned her Bachelors Degree in Russian History from the University of Minnesota and her Masters Degree in Sino-Soviet Studies, Russian and International Economics, from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington D.C.[/expand]

Mimi WatsonMimi Watson, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach
Mimi Watson is a Senior Consultant and Executive Coach with JDA. She has worked with thousands of people over the past 20 years. The focus of Mimi’s work is to improve relationships between people by expanding their communication and relational skills. Her work allows them to focus their time and energy, producing better results as well as helping to reduce stress.
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As a facilitator and trainer, she has built strong partnerships with training and consulting firms such as Vantage Partners (part of the Harvard Negotiation project), Lockwood Leadership, Interaction Associates and Destra Consulting. She is also on the faculty of the prestigious GE Mastering Personal Leadership program. In addition, Mimi is certified to facilitate groups in the following areas: Difficult Conversations, Social Styles®, Group Facilitation and Leadership, Essential Skills for Leaders, Negotiation Skills, Trainer Mastery (Train-the-Trainer), Leadership from the Inside Out, Organizational Savvy and Executive Presence, and Change Acceptance Process.

While living in New York, Mimi served as chairperson of the Independent Consultants Consortium. Educated at Manhattanville College and Oxford University, she currently resides in Northern California with her horse Taji, cat Merlin and dog Sunny.[/expand]