Process Equation

The Process Equation: Task – Part 1

While recently working with an incredible start-up, three things occurred to me about this young group of millennials:

  • They are all brilliant and smart – they have “the mind”
  • They are purpose-driven, have passion and focus on stakeholder well being – they have “the heart”
  • They lack process in two critical areas – task and people (the “Process Equation”)

The “Process Equation”, focuses on two critical elements: task and people. It can be developed within your organization.

We recognized that while key business metrics were exploding off the charts, developing a task process would be crucial to sustain the rapid growth and leverage the collective efforts of each leader, manager and employee.

Task Process involves developing these 4 areas:

  1. Prioritizing and focusing the right things – with dozens of priorities and projects and new ones appearing weekly, everything becomes important, creates ambiguity and strains resources.  An organization that is scaling must choose 4 to 5 of the most important priorities it needs accomplish and make them clear to everyone in the company.
  2. Synchronizing and executing – connecting and aligning among members of the leadership team, then through all functional areas of the organization so that everyone is aligned and can describe what is most important to the company this year and this quarter.
  3. Crystal clear metrics – having KPI’s in place and making certain they are understood by all members of the organization.  You must also choose 3 to 4 Critical Numbers (KPI’s on steroids) for the next 90 days.  Everyone in the organization should know how their own tasks and functions impact achieving those Critical Numbers.
  4. Tracking accountability – Individual owners must be identified to be responsible and accountable for project and priority results.  Accountability owners for the top priorities ensure success of priorities and results crossing the finish line.  Owners need to share updates and results of their priority at bi-monthly Executive Team meeting.

No matter how smart your company is or how much heart you have, developing the task and people process is critical for scaling, growing and succeeding.  In my next post, we will explore “The Process Equation: People – Part 2”.

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