Identity Crisis? Find Your Core Purpose

Identity Crisis? Find Your Core Purpose

Sometimes in a larger organization, the mid-level management team can get caught up in the tactical day-to-day work, losing site of their larger purpose.  By not seeing the forest from the tress, they don’t think about (or emphasize) the strategic value they bring to the larger organization.

During a recent offsite, I worked with a team to identify their strengths and limitations, and how they are perceived (their buzz).  Knowing this information is key to discovering the value they were adding, along with how they want to be perceived in the larger organization (not just to their peers).

When meetings and workloads focus on handling the pressing issues of the day, putting out fires and maintaining the daily output, you need to take a step back and ask “what is my core purpose”?   When you do this, you look to the bigger picture of your role in the organization.

By changing your thought process and asking “what is my/our core purpose” or “what critical contribution do I/we make”, you will create a powerful agenda and add strategic value in the organization.

Exploring core purpose is about asking WHY you exist.  Core purpose provides clarity around roles, objectives, goals and strategic initiatives.  Once you find your core purpose, you can’t help but have a new level of commitment to the organization, and a greater sense of job satisfaction.

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