Has Amazon Embraced Core Values?

As I read what Jeff Bezos said in the NY Times responding to the latest news at Amazon, it brings up the importance of having core values in your organization.

Core values are a handful of rules that guide behaviors in the organization.  There are 3 key tests to determine if they are for real.

The first test – would you really fire someone who repeatedly violates a value?  The second test – would you be willing to take a financial hit?  Would you be willing to actually cut out a vendor, or cut out a customer that broke a core value?

And the third test, which is most crucial is, are the values alive and well in your organization?  Which means, do your people talk about them?  Are leaders talking about them?  Are you telling stories about them?

If you can’t pass those three tests, you don’t really have core values in your organization.  It makes me wonder how much work Amazon did in instilling values into their organization?

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